Friday, September 7, 2012

So behind...

The last time I blogged was MAY?! Crazy. Well, Since then we have been on quite a few mini-trips and one month Long one including Billings, Island Park & Utah. When we finally came home, Ash and her babes came with us and they were here for a week and they left a few days ago. So, as usual I'll do an update in having an iPhone. I don't remember how I did cellphone life before.
A little trip to Santa Cruz...

Berry picking at Gizdich Ranch with our pals. We picked 11 pounds and made jam!

Gilroy Gardens season passes are AWESOME!

Cade's first movie theater experience.
 We went and saw " Brave" and he got a little scared, but did great:)
Blake and Peyton had cute little Wynn 6 weeks ago:)

Farmer's Market every tuesday for produce and dinner!

Cade & "Wucy"
Cade and Boone
4 week trip to Montana, Idaho and Utah...sooo long!!!

Billings Zoo

Golfing in Billings

Driving over the Beartooth pass to Idaho


Sick baby...

Bear World, ID

Lasagna face at Grandma's
Norah's chubby leg:)

Kangaroo Zoo with Jaynie

IKEA with our pals. The 3 Amigos, Vance, Cade & Jayne

Ogden at the Tiner Grandparent's

Sydney and Ty's wedding

On our way home finally!!!!! Stopping in Vegas, only 118 degrees...


Aquarium time with the Mounteers:):)

Auntie Shauna came to visit!

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